Jersey City Together Secures the First Fully Funded Budget for Jersey City Public Schools in Over a Decade


The Jersey City Together (JCT) Education Team led the charge for a huge win for public education in Jersey City. For the first time in more than a decade, the Jersey City Board of Education voted for a fully funded schools budget. The 6-3 vote is historic progress for a district that just a few years ago was $125 million underfunded according to the state funding formula. JCT leaders participated in this and previous meetings, testifying for the increased budget.

At their March action, Jersey City Together highlighted the history of underfunding in Jersey City Public Schools and called for a fully funded budget.


Jersey City BOE approves fully funded $814M budget at uncharacteristically brief meeting, Hudson County View [pdf]

Jersey City BOE hosts hearing on $814M budget, parents call for fully funding spending plan, Hudson County View [pdf]

After great debate, Jersey City BOE narrowly approves 1st reading of amended $814M budget, Hudson County View [pdf]

History of Underfunding in Jersey City Public Schools, Jersey City Together [video] 

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